I won first place in the professional short class and was the overall Pro Champion!!  I prepared hard for this competition, more than ever.
Thank you so much for the people of South Korea and everyone else around the world who cheered for me.
I will post images of the competitions soon.


프로 숏트 세계 1위와 그랑프리 달성!!힘들게 준비했던 대회라 어느때보다 감회가 남달랐던 대회였습니다.멀리 한국에서 응원 해주신 분들께 너무 감사하단 말 전합니다.늘 고개를 숙일 줄 아는 겸손한 선수가 되겠습니다~

Posted by Chul Soon on Monday, June 22, 2015